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Benicia, CA, USA

Face Painting By Anna Lea

Complimentary Consultation 

Create your own experience for 2020
I always take special requests & dress to the theme of your event. 

I specialize in sensory friendly events for all ages.

I accept Cash, ( Venmo, Square & PayPal require a nominal transaction fee of  $5-10 ) at this time these are the only methods of payment available.

I do not accept personal checks at this time.
Thank you for understanding.
Please ask about payment options or to make special arrangements before booking.
I use high quality cosmetic grade hypoallergenic water based professional paints, compostable glitter & organic henna.
I take pride in providing high quality face and body paintings with professional FDA approved products to the SF Bay Area and surrounding areas. 
*** If you are ready to book with me please request  my Booking Agreement.***


“ I Paint Flowers So They Will Not Die “
-  Frida Kahlo


Love Inspired Art By Anna Lea


I will return in Spring for the beautiful weather

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Photos or video from events may be used for promotional purposes. 


Organic Henna Art

I use Organic Henna for my freehand designs.
I also take special requests for all ages & occassions. I really enjoy the beautiful process of natural organic henna art.
This is a relaxing experience. It is said to be good luck. Traditionally mehndi, henna is applied on the hands and feet for special celebrations. I use organic ingredients. Henna is soothing and cooling. I infuse positive intentions into your henna.
Henna Care Tips:
You may apply a lemon/ sugar mixture to cure henna and create a longer lasting design. Gently apply a small amount with a cotton ball or q-tip.
Henna Paste should stay on after application for several hours.
 Do not scratch design to remove dry henna. Henna will dry, crack & crumble away on its own when it’s ready.
Henna will stain clothing and all surfaces. The Henna I use is safe for hair and skin.
Henna will last up to two weeks with proper care.

Lemon juice makes skin sensitive ( photosensitive) to sun light. Be careful not to expose your lemon soaked skin in the sun too long. Use care and wrap or cover henna to keep from drying and cracking off too soon.
I buy my henna products from a professional reliable source: Ora Henna / Organic
Henna is beautiful all year round.

Face & Body Painting

I use professional face paints.
Water based, high quality FDA approved cosmetic grade professional face paints/ makeup products.
These create the best results for all ages.

Guests may request what they would like! I help them decide and often give surprise face paint design with a special request in mind. I always give each guest a unique design.
I can add Gem stones or handmade Gem Clusters for extra sparkle. 
Want Rainbow Hair & Glittery Lips !? Ask me.I’m available for all occasions.
Removal of paint: 
Use A drop of soap & Tepid water creating a foamy wash. Use slow circular motions for best results. Water based products come off easily. I do not advise using hot water.
If possible apply a drop of soap first and lather. This is great for body art. Use a clean damp wash cloth and slowly remove paint & glitter. Using care to wipe Away from eyes, nose & mouth. 
Adults may use a makeup wipe or baby wipe before washing at the sink if desired. If you have sensitive skin use your best judgement.

Beauty & Bodywork Insurance

I truly value health and safety. I follow strict sanitation standards to provide the best & safest experience possible.
If you have been sick this week I can not paint you today.
I can not paint anyone with these symptoms:
Cough, sneeze, runny nose, cold, fever, open sores/ cuts, rash, conjunctivitis, skin allergies, lice, flu or any other contagious conditions.
This ensures everyone stays healthy and happy.
Kids need supervision and consent for face paint.
 I am a professional insured California licensed cosmetologist,  hair and makeup artist.

I use professional products and stay up to date on MSDS.

Maternity Belly Art

I can create a beautiful memory for you with maternity Belly Bump art.
What is Maternity Belly art? A one of a kind customized belly painting to create a special memory for mommies to be. This is a great gift, or baby shower activity.
I take photos of the whole process! Following with a mini photo shoot for mommy to be. Please contact me directly with any questions. I’m always happy to give a complimentary consultation.
I use my hypoallergenic FDA approved water based face paint make up.
The products I use are most likely safer than the typical cosmetics that we use for our faces on a regular basis. I use the most gentle water based products, easily removed with soap and water.
I always take special requests. I infuse my positive intentions into every mommy to be Belly painting. I love creating customized art for moms. This is a totally customizable experience for the whole family to enjoy & photos.

Please contact me for a consultation 

Balloon Creations

I can create some fun memories with classic balloon twisting as well!
Ask me about party package options.
This is a fun activity for all ages. I can even engage the guests by teaching them to twist balloon creations! Customized to age.
Choose your color, and I will surprise you!
Balloon decor upon request. ( centerpieces, special requests, balloon gifts )
 I also hand paint balloons, ask me 🎨

 Vintage inspired makeup & hair design  

Working on a special project? I love vintage inspired make up and hair design. I can create something unique for you. 
Being a California Licensed Cosmetologist has many benefits. I stay up to date on current health and safety standards, trends and classic styles. My passion is bringing out your natural beauty. I have a very gentle approach that allows me create a calm & relaxing experience for my clients so they feel comfortable. 
I also offer braids, updo & festival glitter for parties!
Mini make overs for girls nights, weddings, birthdays or one on one appointments. No event too big or small.

UV Glow in the Dark & Gem Clusters

UV activated neon paints:
This face & body paint shines bright under Black Lighting for glow parties!
I also have hand made glow gem clusters to adorn any design.If you have a jewel or gem stone on your design, you may use a drop of olive oil to remove any sticky residue.
Add on to any party package for an amazing night & experience Glow Art.Ask me for a complimentary pricing quote.
Fun for all ages! Bachelorette parties, birthdays, girls nights, live body painting brighten any evening event with glow paint.

Follow me on IG #facepaintingbyannalea

When guests come to me for make up and hair I take Pride in providing high quality art as well as maintaining high health and safety standards.
I wash my hands, use sanitizer, vegan brush cleaner, baby wipes, clean hand towel and protect my tools with a clean cloth.
I sanitize my makeup chair, painting kit and tools.I use a fresh sponge for each guest. 
I ensure cleanliness by following these standards when painting:
* I will not be able to paint any guest who has been ill or had symptoms such as: cough, sneeze, drippy nose, open wound, rash, sores, extra sensitive skin, allergies to latex.
* In addition, I will not paint any guest who has been ill in the past week, or has a fever or conjunctivitis.
* All children need adult supervision 
* I am not able to paint any child without adult/ parent consent.
* I will use my best judgment and advise each guest as needed.

Thank you for understanding. This protocol keeps all guests safe and happy. This also ensure I can continue painting!

Polices & Booking Agreement

Retainer Deposit required for all bookings.

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